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Welcome to Gluttony!

Gluttony is designed to host multiple Fandoms with a Harry Potter focus, Original stories, and Poetry. This site is created by a fan to share with other fans. Gluttony is here to help you share your love for certain fandoms and hopefully read/meet other stories/fans while you are here.

To register to become a member of Gluttony, click on Login and then Register. If you decide to submit your own stories, please pay attention to the TOS and Site rules. If you are here just to read, please be aware of the warnings and ratings of the stories. These are put in place so you know what kind of content that you will be reading.

Temperance is Gluttony's forums where you can chat, have fun, promote your work, and more.

I hope you all have fun :)

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We are the home of 135 authors from among our 556 members. There have been 3102 reviews written about our 643 stories consisting of 1946 chapters and 5704664 words. A special welcome to our newest member, coolgirl234.
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Silence by Eyriana R12+
Gorgeous banner by Em (Blue_Suede_Shoes) at SAYS! My brother never told me what...
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Aug 10, 2021 09:34 am
Welcome to Gluttony, coolgirl234 :)
Jul 1, 2021 08:24 pm
I removed your IP from the ban list. I checked it against Stop Forum Spam and it's not listed. Can you try again and let me know how you go?
Jul 1, 2021 08:12 pm
Well, that's not good! Give me a second and let me see what its doing.
Jul 1, 2021 05:59 pm
I tried to register for the forums and it called me a spammer and banned me.
Jun 30, 2021 05:52 pm
Welcome to Gluttony, BurningAsh :)
Jun 30, 2021 10:31 am
Welcome to Gluttony, Draco_Granger :) To change your password, you click on Account Info then Edit Bio - There is a section there to change your password.
Jun 30, 2021 02:20 am
how do I change my password ?
Jun 29, 2021 10:48 pm
Welcome to Gluttony, Annabeth-Scamander :)
Jun 29, 2021 06:15 pm
Welcome to Gluttony, Lucissa :)
Jun 29, 2021 06:15 pm
Welcome to Gluttony, annvan :)
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The battle was over. The victors woke into a new dawn, a new era had been...
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New Members

by Elena @ 29/06/2021 06:19 pm  
Hi and Welcome to Gluttony :)

If you are just signing up for the first time an email is sent to your email address with a temporary password, so please ensure you are signing up with a valid email address.

The email should be from admin[at]gluttonyfiction[dot]com - please ensure you add this email address to your allowed lists and check junk folders if no email arrives.

I just ran a test and the service is working as it should.

If you have any questions or issues you can either email me at the above address or ask on the forums :)

Temperance - The Forums

by Elena @ 22/06/2021 04:18 pm  
Over the next few days I'll be fixing the forums. I noticed I had a glitch for registering and that has got a fix in place now.

No matter if you are an original member, a new member, or thinking about joining - This place is here for you all. This site was made by a fan for fans to enjoy. Even if you just read and review the stories we have here. They are all made by wonderful, dedicated authors who have a love for writing.

I hope you find a new home here and if there's anything you'd like to see here or on the forum, please let me know.

Featured Stories Update

by Elena @ 22/06/2021 02:53 pm  
I have updated the Featured Stories list. These stories were selected as they are in my 'Most Recent' list and they don't have any reviews :(

Please show these authors and stories some love and read and review.


by Elena @ 22/06/2021 05:49 am  
Well, it would appear that HPFF has announced they are closing again and migrating stories to A03.

Gluttony will help as many authors as possible. You can transfer your stories here if you like and I'll work to get them submitted. I have no way to store reviews though :(

Featured Stories and Temperance

by Elena @ 09/05/2021 06:56 am  
I have finally updated the Featured Stories list and will keep that going. This month I have a spotlight on Dramione because it's Mother's Day today here in Australia, and I love Dramione :)

I also have a poll running about Temperance, which is Gluttony's Forums. I haven't had traffic in quite some time, so trying to see if people still like using forums.

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